The Fit of Your Wig

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

The fit of your wig will always be vitally important, for reasons of comfort and security.

The cap of the wig is in direct contact with your scalp and must conform to your scalp to ensure a snug fit. This will prevent the wig from potentially shifting on your head throughout your busy day. This will also make it secure for you and your lifestyle, to fashionably wear it in most any circumstance.

The feel of your wig will also be critically important. Hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, other medical treatments, and conditions may leave your scalp quite tender and sensitive. As your hair begins to grow back, the scalp can also become itchy. Therefore, it is advisable to select a wig that is created from only the most soft, silky, natural-looking, and lightweight materials. This is why it is so important for us to offer wigs to our medical hair-loss patients that will conform to these important specifications.

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